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Cosmic Dolphin Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Cosmic Dolphin" journal:

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October 9th, 2006
06:22 pm


Tower Records is finally dead, all their stores are being liquidated including Chicago..

Beginning with a 10% sale on everything, gradually increasing the discount until the store is empty...

It's been a long time since Tower was a good music store....but I lament it's loss anyway...the last music store in the South Loop bites the dust...following the Demise of 'Crows Nest' and 'Rock Records'


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August 28th, 2006
07:43 pm


Worldcon Haul...
(HC= Hardcover TP= Trade Paperback MM= Mass Market Paperback)

Piers Anthony:

Robot Adept MM
Out of Phaze MM

John Bellairs:

Face in the Frost MM

Keith Brooke:

Genetopia TP (Advance Uncorrected Proof)

John Brunner:

Days of March HC (UK 1st)
Foreign Constellations HC (1st)
Tomorrow May be Even Worse TP
Into the Slave Nebula MM
A New Settlement of Old Scores TP
A Planet of Your Own/Beasts of Kohl(John Rackham) Ace Double
The Psionic Menace (As Keith Woodcott)/Captives of the Flame(Samuel R. Delany) Ace Double

Terry Carr (Ed.):

New Worlds of Fantasy MM (John Brunner Short)

CJ Cherryh:

Legions in Hell MM

Glen Cook:

Shadow Games MM
The Swordbearer MM (Timescape Edition)

Graham Diamond:

Samarkand MM

David Drake:

Dagger MM (Thieves World)

Phil Foglio:

Ashcan TP

Alan Dean Foster:

Trouble Magnet TP (Advanced Uncorrected Proof) Signed

Esther Friesner:

Unicorn U MM

Lisa Goldstein:

A Mask for the General HC (1st) Signed
Summer King Winter Fool HC (1st) Signed

Russell M Griffin:

The Blind Men and the Elephant MM (Timescape Edition)

Jon Courtney Grimwood:

Stamping butterflies TP
9tail Fox HC
Lucifers Dragon TP

James Gunn:

The Mind Master MM (Timescape Edition)

Brian Herbert/Kevin J Anderson:

Hunters of Dune HC (Okay so we bought this when we got back to get the discount ;-)

Frank Herbert:

Hellstroms Hive MM

Iron Crown Middle Earth/LOTR Quest Books:

Night of the Nazgul MM
Rescue in Mirkwood MM
Treason at Helms Deep MM

Mercedes Lackey:

Silver Gryphon HC
Owlsight HC

Fritz Leiber:

Knight and the Knave of Swords MM

R. A. MacAvoy:

The Grey Horse MM

Ken Macleod:

Giant Lizards From Another Star HC (Slipcased/Signed/Ltd 200)
Newtons Wake HC (UK) Signed
Cassini Division MM

Julian May:

Intervention HC (1st)

John Meaney:

Paradox TP (Advance Uncorrected Proof)

Le Modesitt Jr:

Soarers Choice TP (Advance Uncorrected Proof)

Mike Moorcock:

New Worlds Quarterly 1 MM
New Worlds Quarterly 3 MM
Best SF Stories From New Worlds 4 MM

Janet Morris:

Rebels in Hell MM
City at the Edge of Time MM

Naomi Novik:

Throne of Jade MM
Black Powder War MM

Andrew J Offutt:

Shadows Out of Hell MM
Lady in the Snowmist MM
Swords Against Darkness III MM (Editor)

(As John Cleve):

Spaceways 1 Of Alien Bondage
Spaceways 3 Escape from Macho
Spaceways 5 Master of Misfit
Spaceways 6 Purrfect Plunder
Spaceways 7 The Manhuntress
Spaceways 8 Under Twin Suns
Spaceways 9 In Quest of Qalara
Spaceways 10 The Yoke of Shen
Spaceways 11 the Iceworld Connection
Spaceways 19 King of the Slavers

Emil Petaja:

Doom of the Green Planet/Star Quest (Dean Koontz) Ace Double

Somtow Sucharirkul:

Light on the Sound MM (Timescape Edition)

Norman Spinrad:

The Void Captains Tale MM (Timescape Edition)
Modern Science Fiction MM (Ed.) (Contains Spinrad/Moorcock Shorts)

Judith Tarr:

A Wind in Cairo MM (Because it sounded cool)

Sydney J. Van Scyoc:

Starmother MM

A E Van Vogt:

Renaissance MM (Timescape Edition)

Robert E Vardeman/Victor Milan:

The Sundered Realm (War of Powers 1)MM
The City in the Glacier (War of Powers 2)MM
The Destiny Stone (War of Powers 3)MM
The Fallen Ones (War of Powers 4)MM

Vernor Vinge:

The Witling TP (Advance Uncorrected Proof)

David Weber:

On Basilisk Station MM (My Airplane Reading to Worldcon)
Honor of the Queen MM
A Short Victorious War MM
Field of Dishonor MM
Flag in Exile MM
Honor Among Enemies MM
In Enemy Hands MM
Echoes of Honor MM
Ashes of Victory MM
War of Honor MM

More Than Honor MM
Worlds of Honor MM
Changer of Worlds MM

Terri Windling:

The Essential Bordertown HC

And after exposure to far to many Space Ships/Reading too many David Weber Books etc... this morning I ordered:

Classic Traveller Reprint Books 0-8
Classic Traveller Reprint Supplements 1-13

Because Traveller was one of the most enjoyable RPGs I played in the 1980s. And I want to Check it out after 20 years of not playing it.

So There You Are..............not a bad haul all in all

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Willow Song - Wicker Man OST

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June 29th, 2006
06:34 pm


I died in the Dungeon of Cosmicdolphin

I was killed in an uneven cave by Muskrat John the minotaur, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of Cosmicdolphin, the Amulet of Ken Macleod, a Figurine of Martinlitmus, the Shield of Niqui, the Wand of Wargaming, the Wand of Goth, the Armour of Tolkien and 29 gold pieces.

Score: 52

Explore the Dungeon of Cosmicdolphin and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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06:27 pm


Livejournal Dungeon
This is too funny...


Then Click Livejournal Dungeon. :-)


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June 20th, 2006
07:02 pm


Its Not Green (But it is cardlike)
Best wedding anniversary present ever.

That Green Card Thingie :-)


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June 10th, 2006
06:35 pm


45% Pain Week(end) Redux (More)
Continuing On with Painful Purchases..

Clans of the Alphane Moon - Philip K Dick TP

Galactic Pot Healer - Philip K Dick TP

The Fall of Berlin - Anthony Beevor TP

Masters of Fantasy - Ed. Bill Fawcett MM (Alan Dean Foster/Merc Lackey Shorts)

The Assassins - Bernard Lewis TP (Historyof the Assassins :-)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher MM

Camouflage - Joe Haldeman MM (Nebula Winner)

Dave Barry is not Taking This Sitting Down/Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway/Boogers are my Beat - CD Audio


Current Mood: tiredtired

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June 8th, 2006
06:36 pm


45% Pain Week(end) Redux
So Once again work gave us hard-working booksellers a discount boost for a few days, of course they could have told me that before I bought those 10 Glen Cook books a couple of weeks ago...sigh:

Pain Part 1.

(MM= Mass Market TP = Trade Paperback HC = Hardcover and a * means bargain/remainder)

Farewell My Lovely - Raymond Chandler (Read by Elliot Gould) CD Audio Book

Red Wind - Raymond Chandler (Read by Elliot Gould) CD Audio Book

Trouble is my Business - Raymond Chandler (Read by Elliot Gould) CD Audio Book

The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler (Read by Elliot Gould) CD Audio Book

Sherlock Holmes 'Murder in the Casbah & Other Mysteries' CD Radio Plays (Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce)

Sherlock Holmes 'Colonel Warburtons Madness & Other Mysteries' CD Radio Plays (Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce)

Sherlock Holmes 'The Unfortunate Tobacconist & Other Mysteries' CD Radio Plays (Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce)

Ice Hunt - James Rollins MM

Map of Bones - James Rollins MM

Subterranean - James Rollins MM

Stealing Magic - Tanya Huff TP

Relative Magic - Tanya Huff TP

Smoke and Ashes - Tanya Huff HC

Tomb Raider the Lost Cult - E E Knight MM (Autographed)

Way of the Wolf - E E Knight MM (Autographed)

Essential Classic X-Men (Volume 2) TP

Essential Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) TP

JLA Wonderwoman Mythos - Carol Lay MM

Druid King - Norman Spinrad HC *

Runes of the Earth - Stephen Donaldson HC *

Thriller Anthology - Ed. James Patterson HC (Includes F Paul Wilson Story)

Flights Anthology - Ed. Al Sarrantino(Includes Tim Powers Story/Modesitt Story) HC *

Silver Bough - Lisa Tuttle HC

Queen of the South - Arturo Perez Reverte HC *

Fun House - Alison Bechdel HC

Sea Priestess - Dion Fortune TP

Vampire Hunter D Tale of the Dead Town - Hideyuki Kikuchi TP

Skeletons on the Zahara - Dean King TP

Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown MM (

His Majesty's Dragon - Naomi Novik MM

Spin - Robert Charles Wilson MM

Keep on the Borderlands - RU Emerson MM (Yes this is the novelisation of the old D+D Scenario)

(Probably) More Pain Later..

Note: Powers Fans the New Edition of 'On Stranger Tides' is now appearing in at least one good bookstore (Mine!) Though supply is a bit up and down :-( Also Note the Flights Hardcover Anthology with the Powers Story is in Bargain Hardcover at a heady $5.98 (Thats cheaper than the Mass Market)

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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April 2nd, 2006
05:20 pm


V For Vendetta
V for Vendetta was a fabulous movie. Best movie I've seen this year.

Alan Moore is a nut for not wanting to be associated with it.


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March 22nd, 2006
06:53 am


I have to admit to a mild bout of homesickness in the last few days. Not even homesickness for where I used to live (although obviously I do miss family and friends).

Right now I'd like to spend a few days down in Cornwall in the southwest of England where I got married to pxr5, and where I spent multiple summers in between age 0 (1970) and the early 21st century, running round in sand dunes, and chilling out in the great surf community down there, watching the surf competitions (I think one year I spent most of my 6 weeks of vacation down on the North coast there)

No matter how many places I've been to, or travelled to, Cornwall is still the one that brings me back. It feels totally different to anywhere else.

Right now it's out of season, cool sea breezes, and not too many people...just fabulous.

Looks kind of miserable and flat right now ;-) Live Webcam - Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall So quite appropriate!

pxr5 is a rock for putting up with me being a miserable old git this week :-)

On a weirder note surfing does happen on Lake Michigan....who knew: Great Lakes Surfing


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December 25th, 2005
10:08 am


Nothing says christmas like..a metric tonne of bacon..yay bacon.

May the Christmas period deliver you whole packs of bacon to devour (well for the non Kosher folks anyway)


Current Mood: Bacontastic

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