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45% Discount Week (Redux) Part 1 - Cosmic Dolphin
December 2nd, 2007
08:44 am


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45% Discount Week (Redux) Part 1
Once Again we hit staff appreciation week...some lovely books moved from the store to our shelves:

HC The Tery (Signed Ltd 500 Copies) - F Paul Wilson
HC Complete Hammers Slammers Volume 2 (Nightshade Books) - David Drake
HC Balefires (Nightshade Books) - David Drake
HC Mosaic of Shadows - Tom Harper
TP Eifelheim - Michael Flynn
MM Choosers of the Slain - John Ringo
HC A Fortress in Shadow (Nightshade Books) - Glen Cook
TP River of Gods - Ian Mcdonald
TP Riders of the Steppes - Harold Lamb
TP Swords of the Steppes - Harold Lamb
TP Sails and Sorcery - (Ed.) W. H. Horner
TP The Forgotten Heroes - Brian Herbert
TP Valley of the Assassins - Freya Stark
HC Viator (Nightshade Books) - Lucius Shepard
HC Softspoken (Nightshade Books) - Lucius Shepard
TP Echelon - Josh Conviser
HC From the Files of the Time Rangers (Golden Gryphon) - Richard Bowes
TP Hellboy - Odd Jobs - (Ed.) Christopher Golden
TP Hellboy - Odder Jobs - (Ed.) Christopher Golden
HC The Sword-Edged Blonde (Nightshade Books) - Alex Bledsoe
MM Daughter of Exile - Isabel Glass (Lisa Goldstein)
MM Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden
MM Hellboy Bones of Giants - Christopher Golden
MM Crashing Paradise - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
MM Stones Unturned - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
MM The Nimble Man - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
TP Little Tich - Little Tich (Ghostwritten by Sax Rohmer)
HC Red Seas Under Red Skies - Scott Lynch
MM The Death Ship of Dartmouth(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Butcher of St Peters(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Malice of Unnatural Death(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Friars Bloodfeud(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Tolls of Death(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Water Room - Christopher Fowler
HC Without Mercy - Jack Higgins

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