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Music (A Year in Review) - Cosmic Dolphin
December 25th, 2006
07:08 am


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Music (A Year in Review)
Musically this year started with a continued re-exploration of Depeche Mode who I used to listen to in the mid 80's, and who knew they actually turned out their best album for years ('Playing the Angel'), which is what kicked off my renewed interest.

In March I finally managed to see one of my all time great bands for the first time in 15 years, 'The Sisters of Mercy'. pxr5 left half way through because the gig was sucking for her, but I was reasonably satisfied. The second half of the gig was much better, and the 2 new guitarists are pretty competent. Sadly just not goth enough ;-) Although this year I've been listening to alot more Sisters stuff than I have the last few, somewhat due to the folk at warners finally getting off their arse and remastering the albums with bonus tracks.

This is the first time their first album has been properly available on CD, since Warner Buggers used a crappy Japanese remix for the first two CD releases. They still managed to F**k up the reissue of the 3rd album ('Vision Thing') which has a mastering problem on one track (Sigh).

I can highly recommend the new remasters of the first two albums though 'First and Last and Always', and 'Floodland' which is eighties Goth cool, and had the single 'Dominion' which had the best music video ever made, see here: Dominion Video

Whoever directed that crammed a 2 hour espionage movie into 4 1/2 minutes. Godlike.

I largely continued as a diehard cruxshadows fan during 2006, they put out a rather average single 'Sophia', which managed to score a Number 7, on the billboard chart, and a Number 1 on the billboard dance chart. Well thats what diehard fans can do for you, unbelievable.

This year was also spent exploring the many albums of 'Peter Murphy', one time singer of Goth heroes Bauhaus. I picked up almost all his albums, including the glorious turkish influenced 'Dust' (Peter has lived in Istanbul for years now)...

This also led me to the best new musical discovery of 2006, 'Mercan Dede' who plays a mix of traditional Turkish music and electronica, which totally rocks. I bought every album I could get my hands on and haven't been dissapointed yet.

I managed a once in a blue moon trip to 'Resurrection Records' in Camden, where I proceeded to load up with several compilations of 'Bombastic Euro Goth', and some missing albums by 'The Shroud', 'Gothic Sex', 'Suspiria' and other quality? Goth acts from the mid 90's. That followed on from a trip to 'Digital Ferret' in Philly earlier in the year. I made it to the best two goth record stores on the planet in the same year...go me.

Of course the year wouldn't be complete without a few 'Hawkwind' gigs, we managed a couple :-) Maybe some more next year..

The year finished with the final destruction of 'Tower Records' which sailed into bankruptcy, and led to me spending far too much on music, and finally running out of space on the IPOD :-(

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