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Minihaul (45% Pain Week) - Cosmic Dolphin
December 12th, 2006
07:46 pm


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Minihaul (45% Pain Week)
Once Again we have hit - Staff Recognition Week (45% Discount Week)... HC(Hardcover)TP(Trade Paper)MM(Mass Market)CD(Audio Book)

Sung in Blood HC - Glen Cook
Trouble Magnet HC - Alan Dean Foster
Childe Morgan HC - Katherine Kurtz
Fate, Flowers TP - Matthew Waterhouse (Of Dr Who Fame)
Pictures from an Expedition TP - Alexander C Irvine
Myth-Gotten Gains TP - Aspirin/Nye
Vampire Hunter D (Novel 6) TP
Green Eyes of Bast TP - Sax Rohmer (Pulptastic)
Fu Manchu Omnibus 4 - Sax Rohmer

The Tainted Relic TP - The Medieval Murderers (Mucho Medieval Mystery)
Sword of Shame TP - The Medieval Murderers
The Sticklepath Stranger MM - Michael Jecks
The Devils Acolyte MM - Michael Jecks
The Mad Monk of Gidleigh MM - Michael Jecks

Time Enough For Love MP3 CD - Robert Heinlein
Bangkok 8 CD - John Burdett
Bangkok Tattoo CD - John Burdett
Night of the Fox CD - Jack Higgins
Lucky Luciano CD - Jack Higgins
Cape Cod Mystery Theater - Captain Underhill Unmasks the Murderer CD

Shadow Divers TP - Robert Kurson
Tesla TP - Margaret Cheney (Bio of Nikola Tesla)
The Last Valley TP - Martin Windrow (Monster Book about the French getting stuffed at Dien Bien Phu)

House Buying For Dummies TP
Investing for Dummies TP

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Date:December 17th, 2006 05:03 am (UTC)

medieval mysteries

The Tainted Relic/Sword of Shame TP - are these part of that series you were telling me about? Need to get the author's name while I'm near a computer...

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Date:December 17th, 2006 12:57 pm (UTC)

Re: medieval mysteries

Tainted Relic
Sword of Shame

These two both contain linked stories by about 5 authors, the author gets listed as the 'Medieval Murderers' which is the name of their little ongoing collective.

Michael Jecks is the most prolific, he has maybe 20 novels in his Medieval Mystery Series, thats the one that I've been reading through, see here:


I'm upto about book 7, the first book is a little slow because of the back story, but it gets better as the series goes on. I've heard good things about 'Susanna Gregory' who is another of the 'Medieval Murderers' but have not started to read her stuff just yet, see here:


My medieval mystery reading has been temporarily interrupted, by needing to read some 1920s pulp stuff by Sax Rohmer (who did the Fu Manchu books).

He also wrote some Egyptian stuff (Green Eyes of Bast, Tales of Secret Egypt, Brood of the Witch Queen, Egyptian Nights, She Who Sleeps and more).

His books are certainly of their time (the 1920s), but they have been enjoyable romps :-)Literary snack food..like potato chips..tasty..but probably very bad for you!

I am gradually picking his books up (Everything before 1923 is Public Domain)Some of the 60's reissues of his work have great trashy covers :-)

He was a member of the Golden Dawn, friend of Harry Houdini, and HP Lovecraft though highly of his work. (see Here for more)



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