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March 17th, 2010
07:38 am


Top 40: Bands
1) Hawkwind
2) Gong
3) The Cruxshadows
4) The Sisters of Mercy
5) Cranes
6) The Rootsman
7) Mercan Dede
8) Ozric Tentacles
9) Banco De Gaia
10) Astralasia
11) The Cure
12) Grendel (Dutch)
13) All About Eve
14) New Model Army
15) Fields of the Nephilim
16) The Mission
17) Tangerine Dream
18) Hole
19) Rosetta Stone
20) Bauhaus
21) Mr. Quimbys Beard
22) Dead Can Dance
23) Corvus Corax
24) Emilie Autumn
25) Kangaroo Moon/Mark Robson
26) Sandy Denny
27) Irfan
28) Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval
29) Anubian Lights/Pressurehed/Farflung
30) Azam Ali (Vas/Niyaz)
31) Afro Celt Sound System
32) Christian Death
33) Deep Purple (MarK II)
34) Love and Rockets
35) Assemblage 23
36) Marianne Faithfull
37) The Levellers
38) Jethro Tull
39) Enigma
40) Depeche Mode

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07:32 am


Top 40: PC Games
1) Borderlands
2) Crusader Kings (Deus Vult)
3) Mount & Blade
4) Battlefield 2142
5) Sins of a Solar Empire (+ expansions)
6) Galactic Civilizations 2 (Ultimate Edition)
7) Torchlight
8) Diablo II (+ Lords of Destruction)
9) Jagged Alliance 2
10) Icewind Dale (+ Heart of Winter)
11) Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
12) Ultima Online (Without Expansions)
13) Unreal Tournament
14) Stronghold Crusader Extreme
15) Age of Wonders
16) Dune 2 (+ Sequels)
17) Civilization
18) (GL)Quake
19) Baldurs Gate
20) Sid Meiers Pirates (Newer Version)
21) X-COM: UFO Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown in the UK)
22) Dungeon Keeper 2
23) Serious Sam
24) Baldurs Gate 2
25) Tribes (aka Starsiege Tribes in the UK)
26) Starcraft
27) Halflife (+ mods of choice)
28) Return to Castle Wolfenstein
29) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
30) Warcraft III
31) Neverwinter Nights
32) Rollcage (+ Rollcage Stage 2)
33) The Witcher (Enhanced Directors Cut)
34) Heroes of Might and Magic 3
35) Neverwinter Nights 2
36) Battleground: Ardennes (Battleground: Bulge in the USA)
37) Syndicate
38) Jumpgate (MMORPG)
39) Typing of the Dead
40) Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

An Honourable Mention: Elite, and Pools of Radiance for the C64, since they also ate my life for long periods.

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August 6th, 2008
09:34 pm


And Blogging Live From Worldcon
Yes it's that time again....

To see what fascinating literary purchases we made click right here:


(List Updated: 07-10-08)

There seem to be far fewer book dealers at the con this year.

2011 so far is Seattle Vs Reno.

I'll be voting Seattle.

Chicago announced a Worldcon bid for 2012.

Downtown Denver got hit with a Tornado Warning so we had to bail out of our room and move into a more central area of thr hotel.

Denver seems to be a pretty chill place.


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December 2nd, 2007
08:44 am


45% Discount Week (Redux) Part 1
Once Again we hit staff appreciation week...some lovely books moved from the store to our shelves:

HC The Tery (Signed Ltd 500 Copies) - F Paul Wilson
HC Complete Hammers Slammers Volume 2 (Nightshade Books) - David Drake
HC Balefires (Nightshade Books) - David Drake
HC Mosaic of Shadows - Tom Harper
TP Eifelheim - Michael Flynn
MM Choosers of the Slain - John Ringo
HC A Fortress in Shadow (Nightshade Books) - Glen Cook
TP River of Gods - Ian Mcdonald
TP Riders of the Steppes - Harold Lamb
TP Swords of the Steppes - Harold Lamb
TP Sails and Sorcery - (Ed.) W. H. Horner
TP The Forgotten Heroes - Brian Herbert
TP Valley of the Assassins - Freya Stark
HC Viator (Nightshade Books) - Lucius Shepard
HC Softspoken (Nightshade Books) - Lucius Shepard
TP Echelon - Josh Conviser
HC From the Files of the Time Rangers (Golden Gryphon) - Richard Bowes
TP Hellboy - Odd Jobs - (Ed.) Christopher Golden
TP Hellboy - Odder Jobs - (Ed.) Christopher Golden
HC The Sword-Edged Blonde (Nightshade Books) - Alex Bledsoe
MM Daughter of Exile - Isabel Glass (Lisa Goldstein)
MM Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden
MM Hellboy Bones of Giants - Christopher Golden
MM Crashing Paradise - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
MM Stones Unturned - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
MM The Nimble Man - Christopher Golden/Thomas Sniegoski
TP Little Tich - Little Tich (Ghostwritten by Sax Rohmer)
HC Red Seas Under Red Skies - Scott Lynch
MM The Death Ship of Dartmouth(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Butcher of St Peters(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Malice of Unnatural Death(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Friars Bloodfeud(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Tolls of Death(Signed) - Michael Jecks
MM The Water Room - Christopher Fowler
HC Without Mercy - Jack Higgins

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August 10th, 2007
08:45 pm


Traveller Reprints
In the last few months I picked up some of the glorious 'Classic Traveller Reprints' From far Future Enterprises.

Sadly 'Classic Adventures 1-13' had passed from print, and proved elusive even used.

This has now been rectified, for far too much money :-( I'm looking forward to re-reading those when they arrive. Roleplaying Gold dust I say. :-)

I'm sure it will be interesting to see what Mongoose does with the Traveller license. I wasn't overly impressed with the physical quality of their new Runequest stuff when that turned up though.


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December 25th, 2006
09:52 am


Books (Year in Review..kinda)
I won't bore you with the book purchases, since we already did those in previous posts...but:

The first few months of the year were rather quiet bookwise. We went to Long Beach Island in NJ in the spring though, and I chugged my way through the first few 'Black Company' books by Glen Cook. pxr5 has read a whole bunch of other Glen Cook, but she hadn't really explored this series probably on account of it being too much like 'Military Porn' ;-) It's a fun series, I'm through the first 5 books, and there are another 5 to go, which I will snack on when I'm next in the mood. It definitely fits into the category guilty pleasure :-)

For my Worldcon reading, I picked 'On 'Basilisk Station' the first 'Honor Harrington' book by David Weber, otherwise known as Hornblower in Space. Damn Good. I had to immediately purchase all remaining books and spin off novels/collections. Hey at least Worldcon was the right place to do that, I picked up the stragglers when I got home. I'm on book 10 out of 11 in the main sequence and temporarily burned out.. 1-6 were a blast, 7 was a Crawl, 8-9 were good. Book 10 is long but good so far.

I had a little burst of non-fiction reading about the Ottoman Empire, and Istanbul, as well as working my way through the biography of 19th Century Adventurer 'Capt Sir Richard Francis Burton'. Busy Guy, 200 pages to go ;-) I stockpiled a mound of non-fiction stuff to read including Teslas biography.

While visiting our friend Jared in London, I noticed his rather pristine set of 'Sax Rohmer' Fu Manchu omnibus editions. Now Sax wrote an interesting selection, of mystery/occult/thriller stuff in the early 20th century, and it's certainly of its time, but it's a blast :-)

I have just read:

The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu
The Devil Doctor
Brood of the Witch-Queen (a HP Lovecraft fave)
Tales of Secret Egypt
The Quest of the Sacred Slipper
The Green Eyes of Bast
Tales of Chinatown
The Haunting of Low Fennel

A delirious mix of Ancient Egyptian magic and seedy Opium dens in the London Limehouse district. Excellent stuff, if you can cope with some of it's anachromisms.


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07:08 am


Music (A Year in Review)
Musically this year started with a continued re-exploration of Depeche Mode who I used to listen to in the mid 80's, and who knew they actually turned out their best album for years ('Playing the Angel'), which is what kicked off my renewed interest.

In March I finally managed to see one of my all time great bands for the first time in 15 years, 'The Sisters of Mercy'. pxr5 left half way through because the gig was sucking for her, but I was reasonably satisfied. The second half of the gig was much better, and the 2 new guitarists are pretty competent. Sadly just not goth enough ;-) Although this year I've been listening to alot more Sisters stuff than I have the last few, somewhat due to the folk at warners finally getting off their arse and remastering the albums with bonus tracks.

This is the first time their first album has been properly available on CD, since Warner Buggers used a crappy Japanese remix for the first two CD releases. They still managed to F**k up the reissue of the 3rd album ('Vision Thing') which has a mastering problem on one track (Sigh).

I can highly recommend the new remasters of the first two albums though 'First and Last and Always', and 'Floodland' which is eighties Goth cool, and had the single 'Dominion' which had the best music video ever made, see here: Dominion Video

Whoever directed that crammed a 2 hour espionage movie into 4 1/2 minutes. Godlike.

I largely continued as a diehard cruxshadows fan during 2006, they put out a rather average single 'Sophia', which managed to score a Number 7, on the billboard chart, and a Number 1 on the billboard dance chart. Well thats what diehard fans can do for you, unbelievable.

This year was also spent exploring the many albums of 'Peter Murphy', one time singer of Goth heroes Bauhaus. I picked up almost all his albums, including the glorious turkish influenced 'Dust' (Peter has lived in Istanbul for years now)...

This also led me to the best new musical discovery of 2006, 'Mercan Dede' who plays a mix of traditional Turkish music and electronica, which totally rocks. I bought every album I could get my hands on and haven't been dissapointed yet.

I managed a once in a blue moon trip to 'Resurrection Records' in Camden, where I proceeded to load up with several compilations of 'Bombastic Euro Goth', and some missing albums by 'The Shroud', 'Gothic Sex', 'Suspiria' and other quality? Goth acts from the mid 90's. That followed on from a trip to 'Digital Ferret' in Philly earlier in the year. I made it to the best two goth record stores on the planet in the same year...go me.

Of course the year wouldn't be complete without a few 'Hawkwind' gigs, we managed a couple :-) Maybe some more next year..

The year finished with the final destruction of 'Tower Records' which sailed into bankruptcy, and led to me spending far too much on music, and finally running out of space on the IPOD :-(

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December 17th, 2006
07:08 am


And the last few(45%)
And one last trip to the store with pxr5 before extra discount week ended produced...

Wild Cards: Deuces Down HC - George R R Martin (Ed.)
The MAN from the DIOGENES CLUB TP - Kim Newman
Hellboy: God Machine MM - Thomas Sniegoski
PS238: No Child Left Behind TP - Aaron williams

The Home-Based Bookstore TP - Steve Weber

Probably no more book shopping for a while, although I did order these while I was in the store:

Yellow Claw - Sax Rohmer
Tales of Chinatown - Sax Rohmer
The Orchard of Tears - Sax Rohmer
Bat-wing - Sax Rohmer
Dope - Sax Rohmer
Fire-Tongue - Sax Rohmer

Sadly two Sax Rohmer books that I really want to read 'She who Sleeps' and 'Egyptian Nights' are way out of print :-(


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December 16th, 2006
06:09 am


(45% Pain Week Appendix)
So a Last Few Purchases on Extra Discount Week...where TP = Trade Paperback

Tales of Secret Egypt TP - Sax Rohmer
Brood of the Witch Queen TP - Sax Rohmer
The Golden Scorpion TP - Sax Rohmer
The Sacred Slipper TP - Sax Rohmer
The Haunting of Low Fennel TP - Sax Rohmer

Rebel Bookseller TP - Andrew Laties


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December 12th, 2006
07:46 pm


Minihaul (45% Pain Week)
Once Again we have hit - Staff Recognition Week (45% Discount Week)... HC(Hardcover)TP(Trade Paper)MM(Mass Market)CD(Audio Book)

Sung in Blood HC - Glen Cook
Trouble Magnet HC - Alan Dean Foster
Childe Morgan HC - Katherine Kurtz
Fate, Flowers TP - Matthew Waterhouse (Of Dr Who Fame)
Pictures from an Expedition TP - Alexander C Irvine
Myth-Gotten Gains TP - Aspirin/Nye
Vampire Hunter D (Novel 6) TP
Green Eyes of Bast TP - Sax Rohmer (Pulptastic)
Fu Manchu Omnibus 4 - Sax Rohmer

The Tainted Relic TP - The Medieval Murderers (Mucho Medieval Mystery)
Sword of Shame TP - The Medieval Murderers
The Sticklepath Stranger MM - Michael Jecks
The Devils Acolyte MM - Michael Jecks
The Mad Monk of Gidleigh MM - Michael Jecks

Time Enough For Love MP3 CD - Robert Heinlein
Bangkok 8 CD - John Burdett
Bangkok Tattoo CD - John Burdett
Night of the Fox CD - Jack Higgins
Lucky Luciano CD - Jack Higgins
Cape Cod Mystery Theater - Captain Underhill Unmasks the Murderer CD

Shadow Divers TP - Robert Kurson
Tesla TP - Margaret Cheney (Bio of Nikola Tesla)
The Last Valley TP - Martin Windrow (Monster Book about the French getting stuffed at Dien Bien Phu)

House Buying For Dummies TP
Investing for Dummies TP

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